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Welcome to the Lucas TRW Pensioners Association (LTPA) Web Site

The Lucas TRW Pensioners Association (known as LTPA) is a voluntary organisation of the pensioner and deferred pensioner members, no matter where in the world they may live, of the TRW UK Pension Plan and those former members of the TRW Pension Scheme who have now transferred to Legal & General Insurance or left the scheme.
The TRW Pension Plan pays pensions to former U.K employees of TRW, Lucas, CAV, Girling, Rists, LSUK, Simms and Rotax .

LTPA is funded entirely by its membership, which now totals over 3500 and it is competely independent of TRW Automotive, the TRW Pension Plan or any other organisation.

To find out more about LTPA or to register as a new member please click on one of the links above - or you can join up while online here or download a joining form here.

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Please note that this is NOT the TRW (formerly Lucas) Pension Plan website, which can be found at  Any queries regarding your pension administration matters should be referred to that office, email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  telephone number: 0121 329 4198.

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